My new baby

I have a blog and a website already about my art, but in french. So I decided to write one in english. The good thing is I won’t write long articles. This time the word “post” will totally be appropriate. And for now I can’t see a bad thing. Time will tell, and typos too I’m affraid. So here I am, presenting my creations to a world wide audience, expecting to ravish hearts, to move souls and more if affinities. We’ll see.

I use to work after meditating it helps me get into a specific state that allow me to stop looking at my creation from my ego’s point of view. It is a state of total freedom. And I produce differebt type of paint using most of all acrylic on canvas or wood.


I started to take a new direction in art experimenting different technics. I started to work with lines but those lines just wanted to curb themselves I let them do. And what came of it took me by suprise. I just love it and continue to explore this raw part of my soul. I find myself playing with colours like I did when I was a child. Playful and non apolegtic energy. Awesome!



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