When stitching meets painting

hiden strength

I had a blast this month. It is almost the end of August and omg have I been busy! I didn’t sleep a lot. My imagination kept me awake for days. And I loved it. Painting, sculpting, stitching, dancing, chanting, blogging… It had been a very productive and openning time. My art kept on evolving. it went to a point that I understood I didn’t have to stick to a style or a gendra. I had to go with the flow, learn and discover. I accepted that I will always be learning. I will be a witness of my own journey documented by my own creations.


I have been inspired by my stitching and the work of others. Looking at the fiesta of colours in a different way. I struggle with my need to put things in a particular order. Sometimes very geometric even if it looks wild. This time I let the colour burst and roar. Juts like energy forcing its way to the surface. I could say that it is what happened to me. While stitching I was putting myself back together. The feel is unique. I have the feeling that I experience things in a more intense level. I am more present. Anchered.

All that is

Oneness is when you stop fighting with yourself and embrace each aspect of your being.

I am going there. It feels good and the weather is dreamy.


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