Finding me.


I took the decision two weeks ago to go on social media detox. First, because I wanted to focus on my art, and second, because I felt overhelmed by all the posts about politics and scandals and violence. I needed to breathe. I also was overhelmed with all the workshops’ offers  to find your place, to make money fast and bright, or simply to succeed. It was too much for my sensitivity. I felt disconnected from everybody. And out of body experience without the out of body stuff. It was like looking at people behind a window’s glass.

And because the universe is listening, my tv broke, my internet had problems and in my town, we had problem with electricity. Cherry on the top, I caught the flue. So non solum the universe backed me up with my wish to go on cyber detox, but Etiam it lead me to an everything detox. I had time for sleeping, for dreaming, for just being. I even felt bored!

When afer 12 days ( how symbolic!) I was doing better  and went back on line, everything felt very foreing to me. It was strange. I could see the emotions taking place on Facebook or Instagram as a witness totaly imune from what was going on. Realeasing on my judgements, my opinions, my feelings. Breaking my mental chains and all the old paradigms.

It felt good. So now, I  less often go on the social media circus. I also stopped using my art as an escape. I breathe a lot. I release a lot. I went back to the sedona Method. I feel lighter. And lot of  things have changed for the better in my life.

I sold two paints without doing anything, just releasing. On everything. I spend quality time with people I love. And I don’t know, well,

IMG_20171208_144202_833the air feels good.

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