OK now it is on!


20171102_220341 - Copie - CopieHello  I am Félicité K. Ngijol. I am a soul painter. I already told you that but what I didn’t say is why. It is a very long story that I am going to make short.

Hello, my name is Félicité K.Ngijol, I am a soul painter. I started as actress. At a point in my life, everything collapsed. My father has been killed and I went through a period of inbearable adversity. Nothing seemed to settle. I almost lost everything. I felt lost, frightened and powerless. I had to turn to a traditional medicine stemming from my Cameroonian roots to get out of trouble. And after some times, it turns out that these healing activated an energy which was dormant in me. An energy inherited from my ancestors. I refocused and the desire to paint was stronger. And while painting, I found the strength to move forward and to transform my life. I then felt guided by this joyful and playful energy. And I was able to rise, more creative and confident than ever. This force is the source of my creations.

So it is why I call it  soul painting. A painting from the soul to the soul. It could be seen as cheesy, well maybe. But for me it is a pleasure wich has to be shared  and spread. This is why I paint, this is why I write and play and live.

Could you tell me what trigger your happy mindset? After all the pursuit of happiness these days have been mistaken for the pursuit of money. Is it still on?


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